D5G 0.3mm Misting Nozzles Brass Atomizing Mist Nozzle Low Pressure Humidifying Fogging Spray Head for Outdoor

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About this item

  • MISTING NOZZLES Can use liquid pressure to form a very fine mist, excellent misting effect, energy and water saving, good effect.
  • MISTING NOZZLES High quality with precise design: 0.3mm orifice.
  • MISTING NOZZLES Leak-proof, self-sealing o- ring included with each nozzle; no tape or sealant is required.
  • MISTING NOZZLES Operation Pressure: 20- 70 kg/ cm. Flow Rate: 80- 145 ml/ min.
  • MISTING NOZZLES Best choice for outdoor use with cold water. Widely used in dust removal, landscaping, cool down, artificial fog and other humidification places.