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3D6 Wire Cable Pliers

3D6 Wire Cable Pliers

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* Multi-function, with stripping and trimming

* Strip a variety of wires, depending on the thickness of the insulator wire, place it in the "V" or "U" slot on the front seat of the tool, and then turn the tool 1-3 times according to the pointer to easily peel off the shell.

*The blade is easy to adjust in any depth, suitable for most round cable turntable blade adjusters

* Sharp blade, adjust the cutter head screw according to the thickness of the cable, can control the cutting depth of the blade to avoid accidental injury to the cable.

*With rotating compass for easy adjustment of knife distance

* Built-in spring for easy and easy stripping

* Handle with ring for easy carrying

* Stripping line (UTP&STP) or flat wire and multi-transmission line 3.2mm-9.0mm.

* Stripping range: coaxial cable RG-59, RG-6, RG-7, RG-11;Coaxial cable RG-59, RG-6, RG-7, RG-11;Flat and twisted pairs 4P/6P/8P; UTP/STP.


Product name:multi-function wire stripper



Main material:ABS/SK-5

Net wight:62G

Product size:12.5x7.25x2.4cm