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4C6 TEG SP1848-27145 SA Thermoelectric power generator peltier module

4C6 TEG SP1848-27145 SA Thermoelectric power generator peltier module

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The TEG SP1848-27145 SA is a thermoelectric power generator Peltier module. It is designed to convert heat energy into electrical energy and can be used in a variety of applications, such as heat-to-electricity conversion, temperature control, and cooling. The Peltier module consists of a junction temperature sensor and a temperature control circuit that is used to regulate the temperature of the device. It also includes an over-temperature protection circuit to prevent damage to the module. It is generally used in low power applications such as battery charging, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and temperature monitoring.


  • Small size
  • Light weight, long life
  • No moving parts, easy to use
  • High reliability and no pollution
  • Cold Side Printed with the words, the Heating side is plain (blank)
  • Red wire to the positive, black wire to the negative generate electricity when there is a temperature difference on both sides.


  • Model : SP1848-27145
  • Color  : white (Both Sides)
  • Lead Length: Aprox. about 30 cm
  • Aprox. Size: 40MM * 40MM* 3.4MM
  • Material: Ceramic / Bismuth Telluride
  • Module weight: approximately . 27g

Package includes

  • 1 x TEG TGM SP1848-27145 SA Thermoelectric Power Module