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5D9 Submersible Water Pump DC 3W 5.5V- 12V

5D9 Submersible Water Pump DC 3W 5.5V- 12V

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Submersible Water Pump  DC 3W 5.5V- 12V

Head: 150CM
Flow: 200L / H
Power: 1-3W
Voltage: 12V
Wire Source: 1.5M
Size: 39 * 38 * 28mm
With a commutation electronic components, without the use of brushes commutation.
High-performance durable stainless steel shafts, bushings magnet by injection molding together into a whole to avoid wear and tear, greatly increase life expectancy (which can be up to 10 years without maintenance);
Stator portion and the rotor portion of the pump is completely isolated, the stator and the circuit board part epoxy potting, 100% waterproof; 2 can use water and land!
Part of the permanent magnet rotor, the pump body using environmentally friendly materials, low noise (less than 35dB), low power consumption, small size and high efficiency;
Can be adjusted through the stator windings all the necessary parameters can be wide-voltage operation, for example, can be modulated 1M 12V lift can also be modulated 1.8M lift