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Smart Home Educational Learning Starter Kit Based on UNO R3 Board for Arduino DIY

Smart Home Educational Learning Starter Kit Based on UNO R3 Board for Arduino DIY

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The Smart Home Educational Learning Starter Kit is a DIY project kit that allows you to build your own smart home devices using an Arduino UNO R3 board. The kit includes various sensors and components that you can use to create devices such as basic home automation controls, weather stations, motion detectors, and more. The kit is designed for beginners and comes with step-by-step instructions to help you get started with your smart home project. Arduino is a popular platform for DIY electronics, and the UNO R3 board is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that allows you to create a wide range of projects. Overall, this starter kit is a great way to get started.

Package Includes

  1. UNO R3 control Board
  2. Sensor Shield V5.0
  3. Wooden Board*10
  4. White LED Module
  5. Yellow LED Module
  6. Button Sensor
  7. Photocell Sensor
  8. PIR Motion Sensor
  9. MQ-2 Gas Sensor
  10. Relay module
  11. 4.0 Bluetooth Module
  12. Passive Buzzer Sensor
  13. Fan Module
  14. water sensor
  15. servo motor
  16. LCD1602 display module
  17. Soil Humidity Sensor
  18. Female to Female Dupont wire
  19. Male to Female Dupont wire
  20. M3*10 Round Head Screw*20pcs
  21. M3 nut*20pcs
  22. M2*12 Round Head Screw*6pcs
  23. M2 nut*8pcs
  24. M3*10MM Dual-pass Copper*6pcs
  25. M1.2*5MM Round Head Self-tapping Screw*10pcs
  26. M2*22 Round Head Screw*1pcs
  27. M3*7 Round Head Screw*12pcs
  28. M3 304 Stainless Steel Self-locking Nut*4pcs
  29. 6-cell AA battery holder with DC head and 15cm dew line
  30. screwdriver
  31. mini screwdriver
  32. big box