1C60006 SBASP USBISP AVR Programmer USB ISP ATMEGA8 atmega128 support WIN7 64K with 60cm cable

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The USB interface can provide 5V power supply for the downloader and the target board. We add 500 mA Polyswitch to prevent damage to the computer USB port. When the output current is greater than 500 mA (overcurrent or short circuit), the PolySwitch will partition currently immediately to protect the computer motherboard! When short circuit faults remove, polyswitch will automatically return to a normal state, the programmer can continue to normal use.


Supported chip list:

51 series:

AT89S51 AT89S52 AT89S53 AT89S8252

AVR series:

ATTiny12(L)  ATTiny13(V) ATTiny15(L) ATTiny24(V) ATTiny25(V) ATTiny26(L)  ATTiny2313(V) 

ATTiny44(V) ATTiny45(V) ATTiny84(V) ATTiny85(V) AT90S2313(L) AT90S2323(L) AT90S2343(L)

AT90S1200(L) AT90S8515(L) AT90S8535(L) ATMEGA48(V) ATMEGA8(L) ATMEGA88(V)





ATMEGA1280(V) ATMEGA1281(V)  ATMEGA2560(V) ATMEGA2561(V) AT90CAN32 

AT90CAN64 AT90CAN128 AT90PWM2(B)  AT90PWM3(B)...


Package include:

1 x USBASP Programmer

1 x 10 Pin Cable