5B2 Pulse Express Pulse-Ox & Heart Rate Sensor with MAX32664

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Do I have to write an algorithm to calculate the Pulse-Ox (SpO2) and heart rate levels ? Not anymore, the Pulse Express does it for you. It also estimates changes in blood pressure.

Pulse Express is an efficient and versatile breakout board with integrated high-sensitivity optical sensors (MAX30102) and also a chip that does the calculations (biometric sensor hub MAX32664D). Integrating Maxim’s MAX32664 Version D makes Pulse Express unique, with an internal algorithm that works to measure different data as you start. With its built-in low power capability, the board is suitable for any wearable health for finger-based applications.

The ProtoCentral OpenView GUI can be used to visualize the data coming out of this board.

Note: This device is only meant to be used for research & development purposes and is NOT to be used as a medical device. This product is not FDA, CE or FCC approved for consumer use. 

If you are not getting accurate SpO2 readings or if the measured SpO2 always hovers at 100%, you might need to change the “R value” of the algorithm. This is especially true if you have an optical shield on top of the sensor. Check out this article from Maxim for more information.


  • Integrates a high-sensitivity pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor (MAX30102).
  • Integrated biometric sensor hub (MAX32664)
  • In-built accelerometer for robust detection and compensation of motion artifacts(Optional).
  • Easy-to-use I2C interface to connect to any host microcontroller.
  • Ultra-Low Power
  • Algorithms Measure:
    Pulse Heart Rate
    Pulse Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
    Estimated Blood Pressure
  • Dimensions: 35 mm x 17  mm