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2B12 PICKIT 2 PICKIT 3 Soket Adaptor

2B12 PICKIT 2 PICKIT 3 Soket Adaptor

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The programming can seat and site of ICD2, KIT2, KIT3 supporting the use. Note: Block programming can only be done with the programming, not hardware emulation.

Instructions for use

Microcontroller programmer seat installation location opposite detailed identification.

ICD2, KIT2, KIT3 by 5Pin connection with the seat programming, programming programming operation.

The base supports the following microcontrollers programming:

PIC16 / 18XX 40PIN series devices (except 16F59)

PIC16 / 18XX 28PIN devices Series

PIC16 / 18XX 18PIN devices Series

PIC 8PIN / 14PIN / 20PIN family of devices