2C70007 PAM8403 2X3W Mini Audio Class D amplifier board

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    1.Advanced Micro Devices, volume: 1.85 * 2.11cm 
    2.Excellent noise suppression in the case is not connected to the input audio, the ear close to the speaker can not hear any noise 
    3.Two-channel stereo, 5V power supply can output 3W +3 W power, can directly drive 4? 8? small speaker output power, full of energy, good sound quality. 
    4.Unique without LC filter Class D digital power board, and can be used directly to the computer's USB powered. 
    5.Dual-panel wiring, properly solve the crosstalk between the ground potential balance and channel wiring 
    6.Ultra-miniature design, can easily be placed in the internal space for a variety of digital products, ultra high zoom efficiency. 
    7.All using the machine for the entire board soldering, hand soldering iron welding quality comparable! 
    8.Rated working voltage 2.5-5V, limit operating voltage 5.5V. 
    Note: The left and right channel output of the "negative" can not, and then together, otherwise it will burn the IC and energized speaker (load) connected before.