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Optical Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Module

Optical Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Module

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The R307 Fingerprint Module is a biometric device with two interfaces: TTL UART and USB 2.0. The USB 2.0 interface can be connected to a computer, while the TTL UART interface has a default baud rate of 57600 (can be changed) and can be connected to a microcontroller, such as an ARM or DSP, using a serial connection. The module is compatible with 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers, but a level conversion circuit such as MAX232 is required when connecting to a computer.


  • Supply voltage: DC 4.2 ~ 6.0V
  • Supply current: Working current: 50mA (typical) Peak current: 80 mA
  • Fingerprint image input time: <0.3 seconds
  • Window area: 14×18 mm
  • Matching method: Comparison method (1: 1)
  • Search method (1: N)
  • Characteristic file: 256 bytes
  • Template file: 512 bytes
  • Storage capacity: 1000 pieces
  • Security Level: Five (from low to high: 1, 2, 3, 4,
  • Fake rate (FAR): <0.001%
  • Refusal rate (FRR): <1.0%
  • Search time: <1.0 seconds (1: 1000 hours, mean value)
  • Host interface: UART USB1.1
  • Communication baud rate (UART): (9600xN) bps, Where N = 1 ~ 12 (default N = 6, i.e, 57600bps)
  • Working environment: Temperature: -20 °C – +40 °C Relative humidity: 40% RH-85% RH (no condensation)
  • Storage environment: Temperature: -40 °C – +85 °C Relative humidity: <85% H (no condensation)


  • Perfect functions: independent fingerprint collection, fingerprint registration, fingerprint comparison (1: 1), and fingerprint search (1: N).
  • Small size: small size, no external DSP chip algorithm, has been integrated, easy to install, less fault.
  • Ultra-low power consumption: low power consumption of the product as a whole, suitable for low-power requirements of the occasion.
  • Anti-static ability: a strong anti-static ability, anti-static index reached 15KV or above.
  • Application development is simple: developers can provide control instructions, self-fingerprint application product development, without the need for professional knowledge of fingerprinting.
  • Adjustable security level: suitable for different applications, security levels can be set by the user to adjust.
  • Finger touch sensing signal output is low-effective, and the sensing circuit standby current is very low, less than 5 uA.

    Package Includes

    • 1 x Fingerprint Module