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1B24 Mini DC-DC Buck Converter Step UP Module

1B24 Mini DC-DC Buck Converter Step UP Module

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1. Module Properties:  non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
2. Input voltage:  1-5V
3. Output voltage:  5.1~5.2V
4. Output Current:  Rated 1A~1.5A (Single lithium battery input)
5. Conversion efficiency:  up to 96% ( input voltage, the higher the efficiency )
6. Switching Frequency:  500KHz
7. Output ripple:  30mV (Max)  20M Bandwidth ( Input 4V, Output 5.1V 1A)
8. Voltage indication:  LED lights with a load (input voltage is lower than 2.7V LED indicator off )
9. Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 Celsius to +85    Celsius   ) 
10. Full load temperature rise: 30    Celsius
11. Quiescent Current: 130uA
12.¬†Load regulation:¬†¬†¬Ī 1%
13.¬†Voltage regulation:¬†¬†¬Ī 0.5%
14. Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
15. Short circuit protection: None
16.Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None
17.Wiring: Welding