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2C1 Metal touch sensor module KY-036

2C1 Metal touch sensor module KY-036

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  • The KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor module is an electronic component that can detect touch or pressure on a metal surface. The module is made up of a touch circuit, a transistor, and an operational amplifier (Opamp) that amplifies the signal from the transistor. The transistor's base is left open, so when a metal surface is touched, it creates a connection to the base of the transistor, turning it on. This, in turn, activates the Opamp and sends a signal to the output pin of the module.
  • The module comes with a built-in LED that is connected to the output pin of the Opamp. When the module is touched, the LED will turn on, indicating that the touch has been detected. The module is powered by a 5V power supply and can be easily connected to a microcontroller or other electronic devices using its three pins: VCC (power supply), GND (ground), and OUT (output signal).
  • The KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor module can be used in various applications, such as touch-sensitive switches, interactive projects, and proximity sensors. It is a simple and cost-effective solution for adding touch detection capability to electronic projects.



  • Its sensitivity is adjustable
  • It has an analog and digital output


  • Model: KY-036
  • Power supply: 3.3V or 5.5V
  • Sensitivity: adjustable
  • Sensor Type: analog and digital output
  • Dimension: 34 x 16mm (L x W)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Touch Sensor Module KY-036



5 V +V
Pin 3 Digital Signal
Pin A0 Analog Signal

The program reads the current voltage value, which can be measured at the analog output, and outputs it on the serial port.

In addition, the status of the digital pin in the console is also indicated, which means whether the limit has been exceeded or not.

// Declaration and initialization of input pins
int Analog_Input = A0; // Analog output of the sensor
int Digital_Input = 3; // Digital output of the sensor
void setup  ( )
  pinMode (Analog_Input, INPUT);
  pinMode (Digital_Input, INPUT);
  Serial.begin (9600) ;  //  Serial output with 9600 bps
//  The program reads the current values of the input pins
// and outputs it on the serial output
void loop  ( )
  float  Analogous;
  int Digital;
  //Actual values are read out, converted to the voltage value...
  Analog =  analogRead (Analog_Input)  *  (5.0 / 1023.0); 
  Digital = digitalRead (Digital_Input) ;
  //...  and issued at this point
  Serial.print  ("Analog voltage value:");  Serial.print (Analog,  4) ;   Serial.print  ("V, ");
  Serial.print (“Limit:”)  ;
  if  (Digital==1) 
      Serial.println (“reached”);
      Serial.println (" not yet reached");
  Serial.println  ( " ----------------------------------------------------------------") ;
  delay (200)  ;