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2C17 JoyStick Module Shield PS2 Joystick Game Controller

2C17 JoyStick Module Shield PS2 Joystick Game Controller

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The JoyStick Module Shield is a hardware platform that allows users to build and program their own game controllers. The shield is compatible with the PlayStation 2 (PS2) joystick, which is a familiar and commonly used input device for gaming. This combination of hardware and software allows for seamless integration into a wide range of gaming applications, including media centers, emulators, and homebrews. The Joystick Game Controller offers a unique and engaging experience for gamers who want to customize their input devices to suit their specific needs and preferences.


Model KY-023
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material FR4
Features Through the Arduino controller programming, sensor expansion board inserting to complete creative control interactive works; Suitable for Arduino UNO, Arduino UNO R3, Arduino 2560, Arduino 2560 R
Specification PS2 joystick module, electronic building standard interface and 2.54mm interface leads to pin; Cross rocker is a bidirectional 10K resistor, with rocker in different directions, the resistance changes with tap; This module uses 5V power supply, original state of X, Y readout voltage is about 2.5V, when press down the arrow, the voltage value increases up to 5V; press the arrow in the opposite direction, voltage decreases, the minimum is 0V
Application Arduino development
English Manual/Spec Yes
Other A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards.
Packing List JoyStick Module Shield PS2 Joystick Game Controller
Dimensions: 1.57 in x 1.06 in x 1.34 in (4.0 cm x 2.7 cm x 3.4 cm)
Weight: 0.39 oz (11 g)