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2C14 Light Interruption Sensor Module KY-010

2C14 Light Interruption Sensor Module KY-010

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The KY-010 light barrier module / photo interrupter module is a 3-pin module that brings its signal pin HIGH when an object blocks light from traveling between its emitter and sensor. This sensor is great for detecting the swipe of a card through a slot or other applications where detecting something opening or closing is necessary.


Tech Specs for the KY-010 module: 

  • Min/Max Operating Voltage 3.3V to 5V DC
  • Dimensions: 0.728in x 0.591in( 18.5mm x 15mm)

Device Pinout & Schematics

This module has three pins: GND, Vcc+, and Signal.


KY-010 Light Barrier / Photo Interrupter Code Example for Arduino

In this KY-010 Light Barrier module example code, we will write “Detected!” to the serial console when the sensor detects an object in its path.

Arduino Wiring:

  • KY-010 Module GND to Arduino GND
  • KY-010 Module Signal to Arduino PIN 11
  • KY-010 Module Vcc+ to Arduino 5V

int Led = 13; // define LED pin
int buttonpin = 3; // define photo interrupter signal pin
int val; //define a numeric variable
void setup()
pinMode(Led, OUTPUT); // LED pin as output
pinMode(buttonpin, INPUT); //photo interrupter pin as input
void loop()
val=digitalRead(buttonpin); //read the value of the sensor
if(val == HIGH) // turn on LED when sensor is blocked