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1B20 hr202 Wet sensor humidity sensor

1B20 hr202 Wet sensor humidity sensor

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This humidity sensor module can operate in 3.3V to 5VDC. It comes with basic components and it can start measuring humidity by just supplying power to it. HR202 humidity sensor is humidity sensitive resistor made from organic macromolecule materials. It can be used in hospitals, storage room, workshop, production floor, toilet, garden, laboratory and more. 

Besides the basic operation, the module also have additional voltage comparator circuit which offer adjustable threshold level for humidity sensor to trigger, it becomes a digital output. It can be interface with any microcontroller with digital or analog input such as PICSK40CSK28ASKds40AArduino series for humidity changes detection. 


  • Come with screw mounting hole.
  • Power indicator LED.
  • On board comparator for digital output.
  • DO will be low when humidity reach certain level, by adjusting on board potentiometer, the level can be adjusted.
  • Humidity is higher than threshold, DO will be LOW.
  • Turning the on board potentiometer clockwise set the humidity level lower.
  • AO will output analog voltage.
  • Operating Humidity range: 20-95%RH
  • Operating Temperature: 0 -60 degree Celsius
  • Accuracy: +-5%RH
  • On-board pull up with 10K resistor to VCC. High humidity result in lower voltage at A0

Documentation: HR202 datasheet



int LED=13;                     //build-in LED

const int  HR202=4;             

void setup() {

pinMode(HR202, INPUT);         //set HR202 as input pin


void loop() {

int value=digitalRead(HR202);  //read digital data from HR202 and send it to value1

LED=value;                     //assign value' value to LED