1E40004 HC-SR501 Motion Sensor Detector Module IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR

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Product information


1.Working voltage: DC 5V to 20V
2. Static consumption: 65   micro amps
3. level output: 3.3V high, low 0V
4.Time delay: Adjustable   (0.3 seconds to 18 seconds)
5.Blockade of the time: 0.2   seconds
6.Trigger: L can not be duplicated, H can be repeated, the default   value of H
7.Sensing range: less than 120 degrees cone angle less than 7   m
8.Working temperature: -15 to 70 degrees
9.PCB Dimensions: 32 * 24mm   ,screw pitch 28mm ,screw aperture 2mm, sensor lens Dimensions: (diameter): 23mm   (default)
10.Material: Mixture




1 .automatic induction: when a person enters the sensing range   of input high level, people leave the sensing range will automatically delay the   closing high level. Low level output voltage.
2 .photosensitive control (   optional ): module reserve position, can be set to a photosensitive control, day   or when light is strong not induction. A photosensitive control as optional   features, the factory has not installed the photosensitive resistance. If   necessary, please be purchased photosensitive resistance self   installation.
3.two triggers: L can not be repeated, H repeatable. Can   jumper option, the default is H.
A. may not repeat trigger   mode: induction output high level, delay time is over, the output will be   automatically changes from high level to low level.
B. repeatable trigger mode: induction output high level, the delay time period, if   the body is in its sensing range, the output will always maintain a high level,   until the people left after the delay will be the high level to low level (   induction module detects human body every time events will automatically   postpone a delay time, and to the last active time delay starting point   ).
4.has a sensing block time ( default:0.2 seconds ): induction module in   each of the first sensing output ( high level to low level ), can be followed by   setting a blockade of the time, in this period of time the sensor does not   receive any induction signal. This function can be achieved ( inductive output   time and blocking time ) the interval operation, can be applied to interval   detection products; at the same time this function can effectively suppress the   load switching process in the various interference
5.wide working voltage   range: default working voltage of DC5V to 20V Micro power   consumption.
6.static current65 microamps, especially suitable for dry   battery powered electrical products.
7 outputs a high level signal:   convenient and various types of circuit



    Security Products
    The human body sensors toys
    The human body sensor lighting
    Industrial automation and control, etc.
    It can automatically and quickly open various types of incandescent, fluorescent lamps, buzzer, automatic doors,
    electric fans,automatic washing machine and dryer Machines and other devices,is a hightech products. Especially
    suitable for enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses and family aisles, corridors and other sensitive
    Sense of region, or for the security zone automatic lighting, lighting and alarm systems.


         Package Includes


1 x HC-SR501 PIR Human Motion Sensor