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Gravity: I2C RGB LED Colorful Button Module DF

Gravity: I2C RGB LED Colorful Button Module DF

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This is an I2C button module with an RGB LED. The module not only supports reading button status like conventional ones, but also controls RGB LED color and switches on and off the light independently, which could create more visual and interactive experiences for your projects. For example, when the system prompts users to press the button, the RGB light blinks in green; when the button is pressed, the light turns red.

This module has an onboard 3-bit DIP switch for setting 8 different I2C addresses, which means up to 8 such button modules can be cascaded together without occupying additional ports.


  • Adjustable Color Range: R: 0-255, G: 0-255, B: 0-255
  • Maximum Cascading Modules: 8
  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
  • Button Travel Distance: 2.2±0.2mm
  • Button Life: 200,000 continuous presses
  • Interrupt Mode: the interrupt interface outputs HIGH when the button is pressed
  • Communication: I2C
  • Connector: PH2.0-4P (Gravity standard), 2.54-5P pin header
  • Dimensions: 37mm×32mm×19.5mm/1.46×1.26×0.77"


  • High-quality button, mechanical keyboard-like tactile feedback
  • Soft and even-colored light
  • With independent control of RGB LED, eight I2C addresses can be set
  • Double I2C ports for simple cascade
  • On-board interrupt interface for highly real-time tasks


  • Simulated Elevator Buttons
  • Mini Matrix Keyboard
  • IoT Projects
  • DIY Electronic Projects

Package Includes

  • 1 x Gravity: I2C RGB LED Button Module
  • 1 x Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor Cable