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1B21 DC-DC Boost power supply module step up converter

1B21 DC-DC Boost power supply module step up converter

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1. This modules relative to the LM2577 triode mode conversion efficiency is higher
2. This module is adjustable booster module, can by adjusting the precision of modules above circle more adjustable potentiometer
3. To change the output voltage.  The highest output voltage is 38 v. Chronological booster, reverse-time step-down.
4. Working temperature:  industrial grade - 40 ~ + 125 (ambient temperature more than 40 degrees, please reduce power use, or enhance heat dissipation)
5. Input voltage range:    3.5-32V
6. Output voltage range:   6-35V (continuously adjustable)
7. High efficiency:   < = 96%(MAX)
8. Maximum output current: 4A
9. GND:   Input Negative
10. IN +:  Input Positive
11. GND:    Output Negative
12. OUT +:  Output Positive

Test Comparison Sample Reference

Input  5V       Output  12V   0.8A     9.6W
Input  7.4V    Output  12V   1.5A     18W
Input  12V     Output  15V   2A        30W
Input  12V     Output  16V   2A        32W
Input  12V     Output  18V   1.6A     28.8W
Input  12V     Output  19V   1.5A    28.5W
Input  12V     Output  24V   1 A      24W


Package Included:
  • 1 x  DC-DC Booster Converter Module Adjustable XL6009