2A13 Car DVR Recorder GPS Navigation Accessories External Antenna Module

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GPS Active Antenna Aerial Connector Cable

To make your GPS get stronger signal

Rapidly to pick up your position

Durable , easy to install




Antenna Specification:

Center Frequency:1575.42MHz
Band Width:±5 MHz

Voltage: 3V~5V

DC current(Max): 10mA

Polarization: Circular (RH)

Operating Temperature:-45℃~+85℃

Storage Temperature: -50℃~+90℃

Cable length: about 2m

Color: black

LNA Specification:

LNA Gain(Without cable):≥27dB
Noise Figure:<=1.5dB
Interference suppression:20dB(f0±140MHz)
V.S.W.R :<2.0