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D5F Ball Switch SW-520d tilt shock Sensor

D5F Ball Switch SW-520d tilt shock Sensor

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1. This kind of switch is safer than mercury switches and has the same characteristics as the wizard rock single pass but the assembly is more convenient
2. Made of environmental friendly raw material
3. The trigger switch for low current circuit, does not apply when the power switch
4. Come with a plastic storage box, dust / water proof and convenient to carry

Operation Instruction:

1. In the stationary state switch, when ON below the level of the end of is 15 degrees, the switch is the ON state. When the OFF side is lower than 15 degrees, the switch is in OFF state. When subjected to external shaking while shaking force reached or when the conduction angle is set in the range, the electrical characteristics of conductive pin will produce short or continuous conduction
2. When the electrical characteristics of the open state to be restored OFF, switch to set the environment must be static, and OFF below the level required to set up the open end angle


Model LDTR – YJ036
Material Plastic