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2B60006 Active Buzzer Alarm Module

2B60006 Active Buzzer Alarm Module

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The YL-44 is a small buzzer module which operates around the audible 2 kHz frequency range. It is an active buzzer, which means that it produces sound by itself, without needing an external frequency generator. Taking the I/O pin LOW will turn the buzzer ON and taking this pin HIGH will turn the buzzer OFF (as will leaving this pin OPEN). This device could be controlled by PWM.


  • It and your Arduino/Chin Duino will be able to play melodies. This is a small buzzer for the Sensor Shield.
  • It creates different sounds based on the different frequencies of I/O toggling. 
  • All you need to do is to plug in the buzzer module to sensor shield and tell the function which pin you'd like to use the frequency you want to hear and the duration to play that frequency. 
  • Bring oscillation source 
  • Audion 9012 drive 
  • Work Voltage:3.3-5V 
  • Set bolt hole, easy to assemble 
  • PCB Dimension:3.3cm*1.3cm 

Pin Definition:

Pin definition
Vcc 3.3~5V
GND the Ground
I/O I/O interface of SCM 

Package Include: 

  • 1pcs Active Buzzer Alarm Module 
  • 3pcs 20cm 1p-1p DuPont cable 



 This code will produce a two tone output

/*Example Code for YL-44 Active buzzer
Connect Vcc to 5 volts
Connect Gnd to Gnd
Connect I/O to pin 3 */

int buzzer = 3 ;// connect the I/O pin on the buzzer to this


void setup ()
pinMode (buzzer, OUTPUT) ;
void loop ()
unsigned char i, j ;// define variables
while (1)
for (i = 0; i <80; i++)
digitalWrite (buzzer, LOW) ; // Turn buzzer ON
delay (1) ;// Delay 1ms
digitalWrite (buzzer, HIGH) ;// turn buzzer OFF
delay (1) ;// delay ms
for (i = 0; i <100; i++) // new frequency
digitalWrite (buzzer, LOW) ;// turn buzzer ON
delay (2) ;// delay 2ms
digitalWrite (buzzer, HIGH) ;// turn buzzer OFF
delay (2) ;// delay 2ms }