2A1400 6V 1.1W 200mA Solar Power Panel Poly Cell

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6V1.1W 200mA Solar Panel
High conversion rate, high efficiency output
Excellent weak light effect
Suitable for charging cellphone and small DC batteries
Build your DIY powered models, solar display and solar toys

Description :

6V 1.1W Solar panel Polycrystalline DIY small cell charger
Polysilicon solar panel: 1.1W-1.25W
Input voltage/current: 6V, 200mA
Transfer effeciency not less than 17%
Dimension : 112×84 mm
Clear solder joint of positive and negative pole
Packed with anti deformation PCB , resistant to corrosion e UV, high transmission EPOXY
Weight: 36g

Package included :

  • 6V 1.1W 200mA Solar Power Panel Poly Cell