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2C2 650nm Laser Transmitter Module

2C2 650nm Laser Transmitter Module

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1 This 5V laser head very easy to use, you can use Arduino controller , do controllable laser pointer, theft detection, etc. interesting application devices.
(2) Whenever the laser can not point to themselves or others eyes, even if the case is closed the laser will have to open the possibility of error.
3, the laser is not a toy, do not give children, mental insufficiency, for people who do not understand the use of the laser characteristics, in this case, can easily lead to injury.
4, the use of lasers should wear special goggles, for the invisible laser, this point is particularly important.
5, the laser can not shine in vehicles, aircraft and other transport vehicles someone.


Working Voltage: 5V 
Works with Official Arduino Boards 
With fixed bolt hole for easy installation 
Material: PCB + Brass 
Wavelength:650 nm 
PCB Size :15 x 24 mm 
Depth: 8 mm 
Weight: 3 g / 0.11 oz 
Color: Black 

Package Included:

1 X Laser module