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2D23000 Capacitive Touch Switch Httm Button Sensor Module ( Green )

2D23000 Capacitive Touch Switch Httm Button Sensor Module ( Green )

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This is a simple completely electronic Capacitive Touch Switch HTTM Touch Button Sensor Module for Integrated Circuit.

This HTTM (Heltec Touch Model) capacitive touch button is a White light model. Its anti-interference ability, without any mechanical parts, reduces wear, The service life is very long, reducing the cost of the latter part of the maintenance of the product, it can be placed on the insulation behind the insulation layer, which is more conducive to the production of waterproof equipment.



  • No mechanical components, don’t wear out, an infinite life, reduce maintenance cost;
  • Its sensing part can be placed into any insulation layer (usually a glass or plastic material), it is easy to make and surroundings are sealed the keyboard, to play the role of moistureproof and
  • waterproof;
  • The panel design follows one’s inclinations, arbitrary button size, shape, design, characters, trademarks, such as the perspective window arbitrary collocation, make product integral feeling is stronger;
  • Compared with physical keys, touch keys are less likely to damage;
  • You can change on the back of the resistance, adjust the signal output is latched output or keep output (see 3.3.2 rainfall distribution on 10-12);
  • + 2.7 V ~ + 6 V input voltage range-wide, + 3.3 V output signal, can be directly used to drive the relay, optical coupling, LED lights, such as the original;
  • – 30 ~ + 70 ‘C temperature range of work;
  • A touch-sensitive, no lag, time delay, flash and other adverse reactions;
  • The built-in anti-jamming algorithm has good anti-interference performance.



    • Range hood operation panel
    • Touch switch
    • Handheld home air environment detector
    • The keyboard of the industrial control device with waterproof function
    • Car equipment
    • Bluetooth test stand information display

    HTTM Capacitive Touch Module Pinout

    This Module has 3 pins:

    • VCC: Module power supply – 2.7/ 6 V
    • GND: Ground
    • OUT: Digital output

    You can see the pinout of this module on the first side in the image below.

    HTTM Capacitive Touch Module Pinout

    Required Materials

    Hardware Components

    Arduino UNO R3 × 1
    Male to Male jumper wire × 1
    HTTM Capacitive Touch Module - Red × 1
    HTTM Capacitive Touch Module - Green × 1
    HTTM Capacitive Touch Module - Yellow × 1
    HTTM Capacitive Touch Module - Blue × 1

    Software Apps

    Arduino IDE

    Step 1: Circuit

    The following circuit shows how you should connect Arduino to this sensor. Connect wires accordingly.

    Step 2: Code

    Upload the following code to Arduino.

    const int SENSOR_PIN = 2; 
    // Variables will change:
    int lastState =LOW;      
    int currentState;
    void setup() {
      // initialize the Arduino's pin as aninput
      pinMode(SENSOR_PIN, INPUT);
    void loop() {
      // read the state of the the input pin:
      currentState = digitalRead(SENSOR_PIN);
      if(lastState == LOW && currentState == HIGH)
        Serial.println("Sensor is ON");
      if(lastState == HIGH && currentState == LOW)
        Serial.println("Sensor is OFF");
      // save the the last state
      lastState = currentState;

    If the digital output changes from LOW to HIGH (sensor turns on), “Sensor is ON” appears in Serial Monitor. And if the opposite happens and output changes from HIGH to LOW,  “Sensor is OFF” appears.

    The code output is as follows. If touched, turns on, and if touched again, turns off.