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1C16 2004 LCD 2004A blue light

1C16 2004 LCD 2004A blue light

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The LCD 2004a 20×4 blue color display is a commonly used module in various devices and circuits. It is an economical and easily programmable display that has no limitations in displaying special and even custom characters and animations. This module utilizes the HD44780 parallel interface chipset and has two registers: Command and Data.

The LCD can display 20 characters per line, and there are 4 such lines, for a total of 80 characters displayed. The display uses a 5×7 pixel matrix to display each character. The interface code for this display is easily accessible, requiring only 11 input and output pinouts for interfacing with other components such as PIC, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.

This LCD display has a wide viewing angle and high contrast with a 5×7 matrix + cursor display mode. It supports both 4-bit and 8-bit data transfer modes and operates with either a 3V or 5V DC input supply. The module also comes with two 16-position male headers. The module size is 98mm x 60mm x 14mm, with a black metal bezel of 98mm x 40mm and a viewing area of 76mm x 25.2mm.


  • Display Format: 20 Characters x 4 Lines
  • Dot Matrix (W x H): 5 x 8 Dots
  • Character Size (W x H): 2.95 x 4.75 mm
  • Character Pitch (W x H): 3.55 x 5.35 mm
  • LCD Driver IC: ST7066U (or equivalent)
  • Interface: 4-bit Parallel and 8-bit Parallel
  • LCD Module Dimensions (W x H x D): 98 x 60 x 13.6 (max) mm
  • Viewing Area (W x H): 77 x 25.2 mm
  • Dot Size (W x H): 0.55 x 0.55 mm
  • Dot Pitch (W x H): 0.6 x 0.6 mm
  • Driving Method: 1/16 Duty
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C


  • 20 Characters x 4 Lines
  • Built-in HD44780 Equivalent LCD Controller
  • It works directly with ATMEGA, ARDUINO, PIC and many other microcontrollers and kits.
  • 4 or 8 bit data I/O interface
  • Low power consumption