2B19 2 DOF Pan and Tilt + 2 MG995 Servos Mount for Arduino Robot DIY

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The 2 TOF MG995 Mount is high torque, cost-effective, vertical and direction, its convenient to install the cameras,plusmounted infrared sensors or ultrasonic ranging sensor can be detection device, the robot can sense around obstructions, enabling the robot obstacle avoidance capabilities. Course, you can install a variety of sensors, steering gear control to complete a variety of innovative interactive works.Products are components, the need to assembly.


Using two MG995 servos 
Aluminium Matte Black Plastic Coat Pan and Tilt for horizontal surface, unassembledCan plant a camera or IR sensor for RobotThe plank kit is very light ,weight only 41gtotal weight is 180g (include two servos)
Servo parameters:

  • Construction Material: copper teeth, coreless motor, double ball bearing
  • Cable length: 30 cm, the signal line (yellow line) red (power line) dark (ground)
  • Size: 40.7 * 19.7 * 42.9mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Reaction speed: no load speed of 0.17 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8V); 0.13 sec / 60 degrees (6.0V)
  • Work dead zone: 4 microseconds
  • Plug Specifications: JR FUTABA Universal
  • Operating voltage: 4.5V-5V
  • Working torque: 13KG/cm
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Suitable models: biped robot / robot / remote control car for 50 -90 grade methanol fixed-wing aircraft and 26cc-50cc gasoline and other fixed-wing aircraft model



Package includes

  •    2 x MG995 Servo 
  •    1 x Aluminum multifunction steering bracket 
  •    1 x Aluminum short U-shaped steering bracket 
  •    2 x small round helm * 2
  •    1 x cup of imported bearings with disabilities 
  •    Screws, nuts