1D13 KY-004 Button Key Switch Sensor Module For Arduino AVR PIC UNO

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The Keyes KY-004 Key Switch Module is a simple on/off Micro switch compatible with Any Microcontroller systems. in general, an ordinary digital button. The use of such a module is perhaps good only in circuits where it is required to connect 1-2 buttons to the microcontroller but a built-in pull-up resistor makes it a little more convenient to use than a bare button. 

For connections, there is a three-pin connector, the common terminal of the connector is marked with a “-” sign, the central pin is used to supply + 5V supply voltage, the information pin is marked “S”, The size of the module is 24 x 15 mm, weight 1.3 g. In addition to the button, a resistor with a resistance of 10 kOhm is installed on the board.