12V 12W Flexible Polyimide Heater Plate Adhesive PI Heating Film 10mmx93mm

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Fast Preheating Speed
Extremely thin
Good softness and flexibility

Working Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 12W
Size: 10 x 93mm
Weight: 2.87g
Thickness: <0.4mm
Max Heating Temperature: 150℃
Operating Temperature: -190℃~200℃
Installation Method: Self-Adhesive
Material: ‎Polyimide
Power Source: Corded electric

This heating film can not control temperature, you can use it with a 12v temperature controller

1. Scientific analysis instrument: provide constant temperature source for thermal conductivity tester, medical instrument, and stabilize the working temperature of optoelectronic components;
2. In a cryogenic environment, make the instruments and equipment reach a safe working temperature, such as card readers, liquid crystal displays LCD, etc.
3. Vacuum heating and baking;
4. Car oil pan heating, rearview mirror defrosting, snow removing and defrosting heating for antenna or radar;
5. Healthcare and beauty equipment.