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2A11 0.28inch DC 2.5-30V Voltmeter Green

2A11 0.28inch DC 2.5-30V Voltmeter Green

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Introducing our 0.28-inch DC 2.5-30V Voltmeter Green, a remarkably compact and lightweight voltmeter module designed for convenience and ease of use. Featuring a vibrant blue LED display, this voltmeter is not only handy but also offers high visibility. It requires an additional power supply ranging from 0V to 100V and operates optimally within the voltage range of 5V to 24V. Rest assured, it's 100% brand new with top-notch quality, ensuring product stability and high accuracy. Keep in mind to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for prolonged durability.
  • Accuracy: 0.1 V
  • Color : Green
  • Wires: 3
  • Display ON Voltage (V): 3
  • Operating Voltage(VDC): 3 to 30
  • Measuring Voltage (V): 0 to 100
  • Current Consumption (mA): 20
  • Refresh Speed (ms): 200 (one time)
  • Minimum Input: 3 V
  • Highest Input: 30 V
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -10 to 60
  • Holes for Mounting: 3 mm
  • Height (mm): 9
  • Length (mm): 13
  • Width (mm): 30
  • Weight (gm): 3
  • Cable Length: 20 cm
  • Shipment Weight: 0.085 kg
  • Shipment Dimensions: 1.5 x 3.5 x 2 cm

Connections :
Red Wire: Positive of the Power supply
Black Wire: Negative of the Power supply and also used as the negative of the measurement voltage source
Yellow/White/Blue: Positive of the measurement voltage source
2-power source (Red and Black) line with the highest input voltage cannot exceed 100V, otherwise, there is the risk of burnt.
 Three-line voltage range 0-100V, but also can be used as second-line use in 40V voltage to within Technical parameters
The display weight and Dimensions may have ±2% error.

Package Included:
1x 0.28 Inch DC 2.5-30V Voltmeter Green