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Robotics Kit with Arduino Uno and Motor Shield

This latest robotics kit has been designed to be a cost-effective learning platform for robotics and reduce the amount of soldering and interconnection required. It is based on a robotics car chassis kit with two driven wheels and a castor wheel (making it simpler to program than 4 wheels), includes a Arduino Uno R3, motor shield, two geared DC motors, a servo and ultrasonic sensor as well as items for breadboarding and prototyping. With it, you can build an obstacle-avoiding autonomous robot. The kit is extensible and the chassis has many options for mounting additional sensors and actuators.



Chassis kit including two DC motors and hardware
Arduino Uno R3
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor module
Servo MG995
Motor Shield
USB cable
400 Tie Point Breadboard
40 pin header and connecting cables
6V battery case with 2.1mm plug for Arduino