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NFC card tag 13.56MHz Mifare 1k S50 IC 5pcs

NFC card tag 13.56MHz Mifare 1k S50 IC 5pcs

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- ISO14443 Type A standards compliant

- 13.56MHz RF frequency

- 106kbps maximum wireless transfer rate

- 8Kb flash data storage (16 blocks, 4 sector/block, 16 bytes/sector)

- Each block is individually encrypted and access controlled (programmed by writers)

- Each card features a 32-bit unique card serial number

- Built-in flash memory data security and encryption circuitry

- Designed lifespan: over 10 years, 100000 writes, and virtually unlimited reads

- PVC high quality card casing material


Product ID S50 RFID Card
Frequency 13.56 MHz
Thickness 0.9mm
Size 85mm x 54mm x 0.9mm
Material PVC, Waterproof
Read & write time 1-2 ms
Data retention over 10 years
Operation temperature -20°C to 80°C
ID card is suitable for 13.56MHz ISO14443A card reader and reading distance is 0 - 10cm

Package including

  • 5 x NFC card tag 13.56MHz Mifare 1k S50 IC