433 Mhz Superheterodyne RF Receiver And Transmitter Module For Arduino Uno Wireless Module Diy Kit 433Mhz Remote Control

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  •  WL101-341 superheterodyne wireless receiver module is receiving UHF ASK demodulators supporting ASK and OOK modulation. The receiver module has high sensitivity (-110dBm),.
  •  Low-power performance, along with high dynamic range (greater than 60dB). Module uses highly integrated chip, built front-end low-noise amplifier, mixers, filters, frequency synthesizer circuit, etc., can maximize the signal optimization..
  •  Low power consumptionGood selectivity and spurious radiation suppression..
  •  Good local oscillator radiation suppression, multiple receiver module to work with (ie, more than single income) and will not interfere with each other, used together without affecting the receiving distance.Multiple transmission rates, the general module for 2KHz, up to 10KHz..

Model: WL101-341
Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: shown as pictures
Size: 30.25×8.5×1mm
Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
Bandwidth: about ± 150KHz;
Mains input voltage range: 3.0V-5V;
Working current: Type: 5.0mA (Requirement:VDD=5V) ; Type: 6.0mA
Quiescent Current: 1uA
Temperature range: -40℃~85℃
External antenna: 32cm single core wire, wound into a spiral
Receiver Module PIN definition:
pin function:
1. ANT: Antenna pin
2. GND: Power ground pin
3. VIN(VDD): Power input pin
4. DO(DATA): Data output pin
5. DO(DATA): Data output pin
6. GND: Power ground pin

Model: WL102-341
Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: shown as pictures
Size: 16×12×1mm
Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
Mains input voltage range: 2.0V-3.6V
Shutdown mode current is less than 1uA
Transfer rate: up to 20KHz
Launch distance: 20-100 meters
External antenna: 25cm ordinary multi-core or single-core line
Temperature range: -45℃~85℃
Transmitter Module PIN definition:
DAT - Wave signal input.
OUT - Antenna pin. RF signal output, can directly connect to the
EN - Enable Pin. But this product EN pin is connected to the
power supply, no function.
- - Power- ground Pin. The ground wire connects power supply.
+ - Power supply pin. Power Input.
Quantity: 1 Set (other accessories demo in the picture is not