1C3 5V-4CH-1000m-Remote-Control-Relay-Switch-Transceiver-Receiver-433MHz

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- Operating voltage: 5V (input) VCC: Connect the power supply positive GND: Connect the power supply negative

- Operating current: about 180mA (relay pull state)

- Static operating current: 8mA or so (relay release state)

- Receiver size: Approx. 65x 56x23mm/ 2.56x 2.20x 0.87inch (with housing, housing with 3mm screw hole)

- Scope of application: water pump, light bar, lamp, home appliances, machinery and equipment, mechanical switch, roll gate, shutter curtain, etc.

- Module type: 433MHz learning wireless access module


- Material: FR4 Fiberglass Board

- Size: Approx. 65x 56x 23mm / 2.56x 2.20x 0.87inch

- Receiving distance: between 50-1000 meters (can through the wall)

- Working mode: self-locking, jogging two kinds of work modules (four-way each road can be independently set to self-locking or jog)

- Work instructions: D5 (power indicator), D1-D4 (relay switch indicator), D6 (learning indicator)

- Output mode: normally opened (CK), common (COM), normally closed (CB) (Note: normally closed and common in the normal state is connected, so that the output of the module is used as a switch; The switch is often used when the closed end is usually not used, only the normally open and common)

- First, learning methods:

- Press the learning button S1, immediately release, immediately press and hold S1 (faster), learning light D6 flash 1, and then release the S1 key; hold the need to learn the remote control button, learning instructions Light flash 2, to prove the first road to study success

- Other three way to learn the same way, 2 Road 3 Road 4, respectively, corresponding to the keys S2, S3, S4;

- Second, the wireless function to clear the method:

- Power off state, hold down S1-S4 any one learning button, and then power, learning light flashing 4, the release button that the module 4-way all clear the success

- Third, Self-locking and jogging function conversion instructions (4-way each is set independently, the same way)

- Jog: power state, press and hold the learning button after the power, learning indicator D6 flash 2, the release button, this time set to jog output.

- Self-locking: power state, press the learning button after power, learning indicator D6 flash 3, the release button, this time set to self-locking lock output.

Package Includes:

1 Piece Wireless Switch Module

1 Piece Remote control