Create Your Own Robot with Arduino Projects

If one is contemplating shifting from software to hardware project, then as a beginner DIY project, it is recommended that one starts with something small. Finding a hardware platform that hardware enthusiasts widely use is undoubtedly the Arduino. With the availability of this platform, one can be assured of plenty of information and resources. Deciding on what to build is dependent on the level of knowledge one has. For a beginner, building a robot is a cool thing to do. But what kind of Robot to make? While creating a humanoid Robot can be awesome, it is not an easy and good choice for a first-time project. Building a simple robot in a short time can be both challenging and exciting. A remote-controlled robot vehicle seems a good idea after researching what people do with Arduinos in any Arduino projects in UAE.

Arduino Projects UAE

What is Arduino?

It is an open-source electronics, easy-to-use hardware and software platform. The Arduino boards can read inputs such as when placing a finger on a button, a light on a sensor, a digital message, etc. It processes the inputs and turns them into outputs like activating a motor, turning on the light, or publishing something digital. The Arduino Uno is the friendliest board from the Arduino family. This microcontroller board is built on the AT mega 328P datasheet and has 20 input and output pins. It has pitched sockets to connect to external devices, in-built power handling, a large USB connecter, and an onboard LED and reset button. The Arduino board uses Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM) for creating more space and manipulate variables along the way.

The making of the Robot

One can buy a kit that contains all the hardware parts, the software, and the instruction manual. The more challenging way would be to build a custom robot design and build it without any specific instructions. A Robot vehicle features will be one that can move in all directions on its own, turn around, detect obstacles and avoid them. It should be easy to assemble and disassemble, hack, change and improve its features. Lastly, it should be easily controlled by a smartphone.
Once the Robot type and features are decided, Arduino UNO projects typically have the following items required to go-ahead

  • Arduino board - it is the Robot's brain as the software is run by it and controls other parts.
  • Distance sensor – this component is used to measure the distance to an obstacle using the ultrasonic signal.
  • Motor controller - helps the movement in all directions with a specialized circuit known as H-Bridge compatible with the Arduino platform.
  • Prototype cables and boards- are used to avoid soldering wires so that assembling and dissembling can be done quickly without damaging the board.
  • USB Cable – required for connecting the Arduino board to the computer and also as a power source.
  • Bluetooth slave – this is required for controlling the Robot through the Smartphone
  • Vehicle kit- the platform with wheels and motor on which the assembled parts can be mounted.

Final thoughts

The Arduino UNO board is the best option when getting started with electronics and coding. For a first-timer trying to build something robotic, this platform is the most robust board to experiment with.

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