Amazing Arduino Projects That You Can Build in 2021

The Arduino is an open-source platform that uses microcontroller boards and IDEs to make programs and run-on computers. Any technical guy who tinkers with DIY projects knows the worth of Arduino. The Arduino platform is cost-effective and used in robotics in various industrial applications and home automation projects.

Amazing Arduino Projects That You Can Build in 2021


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Arduino is an ideal brain for doing DIY projects that are affordable and reliable. The Arduino project Hub alone has 6300+ projects. We will look at some of the projects that anyone can start with a 3D printer and an Arduino board. One need not have prior knowledge of writing, coding, or building things and can get the Arduino kit in Dubai.


This instrument shows electrical signals as graphs and is utilized by engineers to see the change in electrical waves and measure voltage. The Arduino board and crocodile clamps, breadboard, and monitor are sufficient to build an oscilloscope. One can see electric currents visually with around 50k samples in a second. It is a fun project. 

  • Speedometer

This instrument measures the speed at which your car goes or how fast the tennis ball moves on the court. One can make this measuring device with an Arduino Nano and ultrasonic sensor and build the speed measuring device in no time. The speedometer measures the distance covered by the moving object in 1 second and then calculates the speed in cm/second.   

  • Lego Arcade Machine 

It is a fun game, which is popular in 2021 due to its retro features. The game has five direction joystick, speaker, LED screen, and two buttons. It uses the tiniest arcade cabinet, and Arduino nano R3 Slimboy port.

  • Tv Remote Control 

One can make their remote control if one has a minimum experience of soldering wires. It is a fun project. The kit required for this project is Arduino UNO, IR receiver, LED, Resister of 100 ohms, and jumper wires. It is easy to make an infra-red control with wiring, soldering, and a 3D printed case.  

  • Touchless Trash Cans

One has come across fancy cans which open on their own when one hovers over its lid. This touchless can is well-designed with an Arduino micro. This automatic motion sensor trash can be built by beginners using an Arduino micro board, Ultrasonic sensor, and micro servo motor.

  • Nano Piano

The Arduino database has multiple projects to choose from; an easy and fun project can be the four key nano pianos. This project does not need many components and is easy to build. It requires the Arduino Nano Every, Resistor of 1k ohm, push-board button switch, generic breadboard, and buzzer.

  • Sensor Station 

This project is putting together a weather station using various types of sensors. The Arduino platform used is Flextronics the Ten that has an in-built Ethernet. It provides communication to the sensor along the power source supplied by ethernet. This sensor array measures temperature and air quality assembled in a short time. 

In this article, we looked briefly at some of the Arduino projects. These projects were done in DIY, and also in easy mode. With so many ideas and projects to choose from, one can quickly get the tools and kits from an Arduino Shop Dubai like the Blue PCB electronics in the UAE that focuses on open-source community development and encourages people to be makers.


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