Advanced Arduino Projects That You Can Build

Advanced Arduino Projects That You Can Build

Advanced Arduino Projects That You Can Build

Automation is bringing a dramatic change to eliminate repetitive tasks and simplify workflows. Why follow the strenuous traditional approach to do a take when you have an option to automate? Thanks to Arduino for streamlining software-hardware integration and making it seamless to build electronic components

Do you have a plan and want it to start with Arduino? Here is a collection of advanced Arduino projects that you must try.

Know About Advanced Arduino Projects 

  1.    FarmBot

If you fun a thrill playing with bots and robotics is your thing, the idea of building FarmBot is for you. The idea behind creating a FarmBot is to make food accessible to the general public. Use the bot to construct the appropriate grid of your farm space, which FarmBot can then follow to execute. Be it to excavate the planting area, plant the seeds, or supply irrigation – both will take care of all the activities to replace man labor.

  1.    Writing Machine

Writing machine is another innovative project to include in your list. This ingenious gadget works at a certain height, and there is no requirement for traction. Why? Because there is significantly less friction while writing with a pen. The pen is movable through a timing belt in exact XY operations. Also, there are adjustments and controllers like the on-off, up-and-down, left-right, to name a few, are also available for directions.

  1.    LED Cube

LED Cube is one of the simplest Arduino 3D Printed Projects to try, especially for beginners. The count of LEDs per cube edge is crucial because it impacts how you attach them. The LEDs must have simplified distinctions and interconnections to get special effects and visuals.

  1.    Mini-Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is a gadget that can display and read electrical waveforms. It can show any wave. It's crucial in electronics and signal processing. The process of linking the components isn't what gives this project its worth or makes it advanced. They do, however, educate you on how to use and interpret the presented waves.

  1.    Word Clock

Building a world clock is a hard nut to crack. It has numerous small components, arduino sensors and a single short-circuiting wire might cause the entire system to malfunction. The project comprises a board with strategically placed light-up letters that indicate the time of day. There are several display options available and the ability to play Tetris.

  1.    Wall Plotter

Ensure that you have a solid electronics background before picking this project. Carrying the whole traction system on the movable plate, the wires it hangs on serve as the only connecting components. You can mount the system on any vertical surface and commence charting right away without having to assemble or calibrate any equipment. 

  1.    Levitation System

It bases on the magnetic principle, a simple physics principle to maintain a consistent position; the magnetic field gradually increases. The inventor recommends proportional–integral–derivative control (PID) control to keep the pot floating in a stable place. In this scenario, the utilization of PID is to charge two solenoids – one in the pot, and the other at the base. 

When feeding the current through a solenoid, an induced magnetic current is created, which the PID control regulates to keep the pot position constant and in the air.

  1.    Recycle Sorting Robot

The movement is simple enough to create, but the aspect that it uses image recognition training to categorize items distinguishes it as a more advanced effort. The program must be able to identify its position based on the present situation of the arm to advance towards the object. Also, the robot must know how to grab and understand the quality of the materials used. 

The Final Verdict

It is not the end. Use the concepts discussed in these projects and develop Arduino innovative projects that add value to the world.  

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